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Crayon Crew Cares

We strive to help others. Through Crayon Crew Cares we hope to develop a system of charitable giving on the Cardano blockchain. Our goal is to host auctions for families in need, set them up with their own Cardano wallet, and auction of art work from their family members. All royalties and the auction sale will go to the family in need.

Our Story

Yes, we have all considered ourselves "degens." It's an awfully selfish term, isn't it? Many people in the world of NFTs and crypto are willing to risk large amounts of money in the hopes of striking it rich. Our hope is to change some of the "degen" mentality and give us all the opportunity to help those in need. 

Our plan is to host auctions and create collections that will benefit those who are less fortunate. Particularly, we are hoping to help children in need (hence the crayon images). We are in the process of forming some external (outside of the crypto world) partnerships that will bring new people and businesses to the Cardano ecosystem. Since we will be hosting those charitable collections on the Cardano blockchain, those businesses will, in turn, market those collections to raise money for themselves. In effect, the ecosystem that we are attempting to create will have many people marketing projects all hosted on the Cardano blockchain.

We also plan to auction off individual pieces (another separate collection that is different from Crayon Crew) that will allow us to help individuals in need. We have asked the children to create a piece of art that we will auction off to the highest bidder. The Cardano and royalties are given to the family in need in perpetuity. 

How do we benefit? Well, mainly we want to help others. We will not benefit from the auctioned items or the collections that are going to charity. Our hope is that people see what we are creating and will choose to purchase our main collection: Crayon Crew. If you like what we're doing, and you'd like to support us, check it out on the secondary market here: Crayon Crew Collection.

You can also mint from our Discord.


Would you like to suggest a charity for us to work with?

Email us!

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