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About CrayonCrew

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What is CrayonCrew?

Crayon Crew is a digital art collection released as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. This project is based on crayon art that is intended to feel nostalgic. Do we actually have a child drawing it? No, our artist is actually quite good, but she is intentionally trying to balance making “impressive crayon drawings” with the feeling of nostalgic crayon drawings we all saw and did as kids. We don’t want the art to look like a child actually drew it but want it to give that nostalgic feeling.

Our aim is charity. We will work to create an ecosystem in which (after being vetted) people may raise money on the Cardano blockchain, offering NFTs as digital receipts for donations. Furthermore, those NFTs may even be valuable for the person donating. In this system, it would be possible to donate the money to get the NFT and sell it on the secondary market to get that donation back!

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