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Auction: Flying Frogs

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Auction Information

Auction Dates & Times: TBD

Auction Location: Crayon Crew Discord

Auction Dates & Times: TBA

The Need (from the family): 

Here is our situation: we have two children who have serious immune system disorders that we have been dealing with since they were small children. They are now 13 and 18. Finding doctors who could help them was difficult, and treating them has also been difficult, as well as costly. My husband has taken on lots of additional work and I have always worked as much as I can to help with the bills. They have needed so much care that it is impossible for me to work full time, and I have missed a lot of work over the years to care for them. For the last seven years our older daughter has been in crisis most of the time; either a physical health crisis or a mental health crisis, or both at the same time. This has been really hard on the whole family.


We managed to keep our heads above water financially until the pandemic hit. We all got covid in the fall of 2020, and our older daughter Emma (15 at the time) was hit the hardest. She seemed to recover partially for a few months, but then her health severely declined to the point where she couldn’t function at all. She couldn’t attend school or do any work online; she often needed assistance walking to another room in the house; she was always short of breath; she had so much brain fog she couldn’t read or carry on a conversation. I could write pages about her symptoms. At that point in the pandemic nobody knew how to treat her. She missed 2 full semesters of high school. We finally found a doctor who could help her, and she is on a long path to recovery. Thankfully she is back in school, but it is a rocky road for her trying to keep up and catch up, and she has frequent illnesses, including getting covid again this fall.  Our other daughter has also had lingering symptoms from covid (she has had it three times, with problems after each illness), and she has needed treatment as well. In the midst of all this their doctor discovered that they both have Lyme disease which has been an underlying factor contributing to their other health problems, since it wasn’t discovered immediately and treated. Lyme disease is very difficult to treat if it isn’t caught right away, and causes many different debilitating symptoms. It is also very costly, and few doctors know how to treat it. The ones who do are often out of network providers. 

Since the end of August, the girls have been receiving weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) IV treatments. All together, our recent monthly medical expenses, which include IV treatments as well as a number of other therapies, are close to $4,000 per month. In the last several years, we have accumulated nearly $40,000 in debt due to our medical expenses. We don’t know how long they will need these, as everyone responds differently. Rachel will probably be done with them sooner than Emma. They both have multiple conditions they are dealing with, and when the IV treatments are done they will still need to address other conditions, but it is likely that those treatment costs will be lower. 


This is the corner we are backed into: without these treatments and therapies neither of our kids would be in school or functioning. It’s not just that they would be limping along and life would be hard without these treatments; they would not be functioning at all. It has been extremely difficult to watch our kids suffer as much as they have, for years, and to watch them go for days, weeks, and often months at a time without any relief.  There have been times when both of them have lost any hope of getting better. 

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TBA during auction

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