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Frequently Asked Questions


How many NFTs will be minted?

7,777.77 unique NFTs.

Uhhh, what's the deal with the .77 NFT?

Wow, a bit of a stickler there, huh? Fine, you got us, we accidentally ripped one and plan to sell it to you at full price. So the actually collection size is 7,778. Happy?


Too bad.

Is there a roadmap?

I'm so glad you asked! No.

Wen utility?

*checks watch* - Never.

But these are crayon NFTs..why would I buy this?

You must be new here. You buy it for the art. And to be part of the Crayon Crew.

Wen mint?


What is the price?

TBA. But it will definitely be more than 0 and less than 2,000 ADA.

Is this collection all hand drawn?

Yes, all attributes and pictures are hand drawn. Not a single piece is going to be digitally drawn in our art collection.

How to mint?

While many like the orderly system of queues and the reservation systems, many times those also cause users to need to wait around for hours to continue to try to mint or see if they got one (or they are just waiting to mint). With everyone having a pretty busy schedule, it is so much easier for most to just hop on their phone or computer at a specified time and send to an address and then forget about it until they have time to check it out. Due to this, we will just be doing an address drop.

You will need to mint using any Shelley-era Cardano wallet. These include wallets such as Nami, Daedalus, Gero, Eternl, and Yoroi. Do not send any ADA from an exchange. If you do not send in time to get an NFT or you send the wrong amount then you will be refunded minus transaction fee.

How many can I mint?

There will be no wallet limit. The number you can mint per transaction will be released closer to launch.

Will there be royalties?

Yes, there will be 3% artist royalties.

Will there be rarity?

Absolutely. We plan to submit our rarity to CNFT Tools.

Where can I see the crayon drawing I just bought?

You can view it by going to and searching for your wallet address.

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